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A Palestinian Tale: Process Blog

  • More Playing with the bride

    These are all done in my homemade watercolour sketchbook. I was stressed one day, and the way I cope is throwing myself into a project. So I taught myself bookbinding! I took an old Arches hot press paper block that was separating, and transformed it into a sketchbook.

  • Awe: art windsor-essex

    I’ll be teaching art at AWE: Art Windsor-Essex this April! This will be my first time teaching at the old Art Gallery of Windsor, a beautiful building on the Detroit River.

  • Bringing it all together

    Working out the composition of one of the Bride pieces, I’m putting together all that I’ve learned from testing and testing and testing materials and techniques!

    Let’s see, theres’s graphitint paint, ballpoint pen, and gouache.

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