Let’s go a little deeper into colour

I admit, this is where I get to indulge myself a little. I really wanted a blog post that compared all of the colours I’m using in one place. Hopefully you’ll find this interesting or amusing. We’ll see!

My gouache palette (Holbein Artists’ Gouache, M.Graham).

Let’s start with my gouache. These colours are from the Holbein Artists’ Gouache brand which is made in Japan. They are part of one of the many sets that are available. It is difficult to find open stock in Canada, as this medium is not very popular here. Thankfully, I’ve seen some promising leads on Aliexpress. To fill the gaps, I have added one M.Graham gouache colour (raw umber). Let’s see what I have:

Magenta: BV15 fluorescent Blue-Violet 15

Carmine: PR170 Naphthol Red

Flame Red: PR9: Naphthol Red

Violet: BV15, PB29: Fluorescent Blue-Violet 15+ ultramarine

Permanent Yellow Orange: PY6: hanza yellow 3G Plv

Lemon Yellow: PY3 hanza yellow 10G

Permanent Yellow Deep: hanza yellow G

Brilliant Orange: PO13: vibfast orange

Leaf Green: PY13, PG7 hanza yellow + phthalo green

Pure Blue: PB17 pthalo cyan

Ultramarine Deep: PB29: ultramarine

Permanent Green Deep: PY3, PG7, PB15 phthalo green + hanza yellow

Ivory Black: PBk6: lamp black

Yellow Ochre: PY42, 43: yellow iron oxide + yellow ochre

Burnt Sienna: PBr7, PR101: burnt sienna + transparent red oxide

Raw Umber: (M.Graham) PBr7 raw umber.

Permanent White: (Winsor and Newton) Pw6: titanium white

Well, that explains why my yellow ochre seemed so red in mixes- it has iron oxide in it!

My watercolour palette (Daniel Smith Fine Watercolors).

Hanza Yellow Light: PY3-Hansa Yellow 10G

New Gamboge: PY97-Permanent Yellow + PY110-Isoindolinone Yellow

Quinacridone Rose: PV19-Quinacridone Violet

Pyrrole Scarlet: PR255-Coral Red

Phthalo Blue (GS): PB15-Phthalo Blue

French Ultramarine: PB29-Ultramarine [Blue]

Burnt Sienna: PBr7-Burnt Sienna

Yellow Ochre: PY43-Yellow Ochre

Pyrrole Orange: PO73-Transparent Pyrrole Orange

Sap Green: PO48-Quinacridone Gold + PG7-Phthalo Green + PY150-Nickel Azo Yellow

Carbazole Violet: PV23RS-Dioxazine Violet

Sepia: PBr7-Burnt Sienna+ PBk9-Ivory Black

Jane’s Grey: PBr7-Burnt Umber + PB29-Ultramarine [Blue]

Moonglow: PR177- Anthraquinone Red + PB29-Ultramarine [Blue] + PG18-Viridian

Phthalo Blue Turquoise: PB16-Phthalo Blue

…I think I’ll be swapping out the Sap Green. I’m trying to keep my palette non-toxic, and nickel azo yellow is mildly toxic. Pity, it’s such a nice colour that is useful for so many things!

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